THE NICHOLAS FUND Providing A Pathway To Housing

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Providing A Pathway To Housing 

God works in mysterious ways!!! About 2 years ago I co-founded a foundation to raise money to provide housing for kids who have autism when they turn 18. My partner and I quickly realized that it was a ginormous task to take on and recently decided to close the foundation. After some research, I decided to donate the money we had contributed and raised to Autism Housing Pathways. When I talked to the director Cathy, I learned there is a need for a revolving fund to provide young autistic adults with first & last month's rent and/or a security deposit. Often these young adults miss out on housing opportunities because they don't have access to such funds.

Hence "THE NICHOLAS FUND'' was birthed. Originally Cathy messaged me to tell me they wanted to name the fund after me. I was obviously very humbled, however, I knew immediately that I wanted the fund to be named after a young man I know who brings so much joy and laughter to every life he touches. Nicholas is the face of all those we know who live with autism and his smile is a reminder that all things are possible with love and joy. 

This fund is near and dear to my heart. I will continue to donate 10% of my earnings through real estate to the fund and will continue to fundraise for this cause. If you would like to donate to this fund, you can write a check out to "Autism Housing Pathways'' and in the memo write, "THE NICHOLAS FUND". I’m more than happy to pass on your donation or provide you with the address to mail your donation to.

Stay tuned if you want to learn more about Autism Housing Pathways because I will be sharing a fundraising event they are running on Facebook Live this Saturday evening starting at 7pm EST.

All of us know someone who has autism or who's family has been touched by autism. We as a society have a responsibility to help these families out. Any parent of an autistic child will tell you that their #1 concern is what will happen to their child when they pass. We need to shout from the mountain tops that it's our #1 concern too and we will be lifting them up and supporting them and their families every step of the way!

If you know someone who could benefit from this fund, Autism Housing Pathways will begin accepting applications this fall.